Track greening requires the combination of technical and horticultural knowledge and experience. Planning, execution and maintenance of roofing of light rail and tram tracks with greening systems contribute to a sustainable greening success.
Problems with vegetation development in green tracks are based on various causes. In general, they can be assigned to three groups of causes, which can also interlock at the same time:

  1. Problem areas during planning,
  2. Problem areas during implementation,
  3. Problem areas during maintenance.
This is where the network sets in.

The green track network has worked on the following topics so far:

  1. Optimal vegetation systems with special attention to the stress due to drought
  2. Maintenance of grass tracks
  3. Preparation of a handbook for planning, implementation and maintenance of green tracks
  4. Elaboration of general information on green tracks (updating statistics regarding track greening in Germany, recording of general issues and development needs)

The Grüngleisnetzwerk currently works on the following topics:

  1. Tender on track greening
  2. Irrigation in grass tracks
  3. Annual survey on the track greening length per transport company

Bewässerungsmatte Dresden
Installation irrigaton mat, Dresden (Photo © DVB)

Mahd Rasengleis tief
Mowing low level grass track using brush cutters
near the rail fastenings (Photo © IASP)

Mahd Rasengleis hoch
Mowing high level grass track lawn tractor
(Photo © IASP)