Handbook Track Greening


German Handbook released in September 2014
Handbuch Gleisbegrünung - Planung-Ausführung-Pflege
ISBN 978-3-96245-045-8
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The English edition was published on 26 August 2016.
Handbook Track Greening - Design-Implementation-Maintenance
ISBN: 978-3-96245-037-3
You can order the book here (English).

Sustainable track greening requires consideration and combination of knowledge and experience of track and vegetation installation and maintenance. System choice (track design and vegetation system), local conditions and maintenance needs are directly linked and to be considered on the whole. The handbook track greening provides a detailed overview and explanations about track designs and vegetation systems used for tram track greening in Germany. It contains recommendations for planning, installation and maintenance of track greening and has a useful decision guidance table. Technical basics are given, legal issues are referred to.

In this handbook the most important requirements, knowledge and experiences of track greening were compiled by the green track network members, which are experts from German public transportation services, research institutes and global working enterprises.

This handbook serves as overview and reference book for practitioner working with tracks and vegetation, decision maker from urban planning as well as newcomer.

Handbuch Gleisbegrünung                         Handbook Track Greening

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