7. Stadtbahn Forum Potsdam


The green track network presented itself at the 7th Stadtbahn Forum of the company Schreck-Mieves GmbH with an exhibition stand and a presentation.

The presentation was part of a series of three lectures on the Green Track, in addition to Prof. Dr. Siegl, Hochschule Technik und Wirtschaft - Vegetationstechnik, Dresden, Grüne Gleise - Biologische Grundlagen und ökologische Zusammenhänge and Dr. Schade, Niedersächsische Rasenkultur NIRA GmbH & Co.KG, Groß Ippener (network partner), Der Weg zum dauerhaft Grünen Gleis.

An important goal of the network was to encourage the transport companies to provide input for the network. Interest in green tracks was also to be created. The participants with technical background should be informed about the horticultural problems of the location track. Plants have requirements on their growing area. With often relatively low substrate thicknesses and without irrigation, the track is not a very optimal location for lawns under the climatic conditions of many German cities. It also requires regular maintenance. If the decision nevertheless falls on grass, it should be considered beforehand which appearance is expected of the grass in the short and long term and which effort is necessary to achieve this. These considerations must be taken into account in advance when planning maintenance costs. Furthermore, it should be clear that not every location is equally suitable. One of the network's objectives is to minimise this effort by selecting suitable plants, substrates and superstructures depending on the location.