Visions & Objectives

Visions of the Network

  • Our visions are low maintenance green track systems with sustainable contribution to emission protection. They are supposed to be transferable to national and international conurbation.

Mission Statement

  • We want to strengthen involved enterprises in their tram track greening skills and in related fields by cooperation and combination of their competences
  • Enhance competitiveness of involved enterprises
  • Reduction of barriers to market entry by mediating the interrelations of technical and vegetation requirements
  • Support a sustainable market success


  • Development of innovative system solutions for intensive and extensive vegetation systems and adapted track systems to tram tracks
  • Optimize vegetation systems of existing track systems regarding differing requirements depending on location
  • Develop vegetation systems and components in terms of low maintenance and stable development of vegetation
  • Optimization of life cycle costs as well as mitigation of emissions of noise and contaminants from the air
  • Integration of different technologies and scientific fields to comprehensively assess existing problems and to optimize green track systems
aim of network


The Green Track Network wants to establish itself as a competence network which offers innovative system solutions for green tram tracks concerning different locations and track systems for international application. We strive for sustainable green track systems with low life cycle costs.